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Black Innocence

Let’s be real with ourselves, the era we live in is heavily dominated by the media. Television shows, movies, music, social sites, etc, media is something we all depend on; one way or another. As the world continues to progress and major barriers that African Americans once faced are being broken down , one daunting issue still remains; destructive stereotypes about African Americans constantly being portrayed in the media.

A great friend of mine and founder of The Idea Of Being Somebody , James Drakeford (MrKingJD) has taken it upon himself to change the way the world views African Americans. Through his photojournalism project, Black Innocence, James features urban African American youth in the Columbus area in hopes to dispel the stereotypes placed on our community by telling a new story and painting a new picture of African Americans.

is designed to rebrand a negative image (physical & mental) by showing positive images. Real, raw, genuine, innocence…. | MrKingJD

Solely conversing amongst ourselves isn’t enough and having the drive to shed light on such issues isn’t easy which is why I commend James on his strength to showcase this project. I would really like to see Black Innocence reach national attention. Small conversations lead to wider public audiences and wider public audiences lead to a world revolution [stretch? nahhh, lets start a revolution].

The Black Innocence photojournalism exhibit is set to take place:

Saturday, March 9th
The Method Gallery
889 E. Long St Columbus, OH 43203 (Historic King-Lincoln District)

If you’re free next Saturday evening, do yourself a favor & support James as he embarks on his journey of dispelling African American stereotypes, one photo at a time.

For more information on this project, visit , Instagram: Black_Innocence, hit the hashtag on twitter #BlackInnocence or his personal website


At the end of the day… if you’re doing more breaking down than lifting up; that’s a problem …a little break down is normal… Just bad when it’s overwhelming

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